Wealth Management

A Primary focus of a Wealth management is to deliver a consistent, sustainable, and long term risk-adjusted returns with the underlying principle of Growing and Preserving wealth through various investment tools.

Managing Wealth is an equally importance task, more than Creating Wealth. We provide a complete Comprehensive Wealth Management services to our Corporate clients (INC), High Net-worth Individual (HNI) clients, individual clients based on their tailor-made requirements.

We offer a range of portfolio management solutions based on your investment aspirations, risk appetite, investment personality, and current circumstances.


Taxation is also a crucial factor while taking any strategic investment decision as it can swallow your return on investment chunk. Thus we structure a legitimate tax planning of our clients which gives them handsome tax adjusted returns, helps them in tax compliances for filing of ITR, tactfully submission of statutory compliance notice.

Insurance advisory services

Unraveling complex challenges for selecting a suitable Life Insurance plan that fulfills the ultimate objective of investment and delivers scalable results and lasting values. Insurance is a kind of product which must be addressed through advisory lens.

Research Based Investment in Mutual Fund & Equity Shares

Choosing a right combination of Mutual fund scheme among more than 1,800 Mutual fund schemes existing in India is a herculean task. Investing in wrong scheme can lead to financial losses and ruin the object of investment.

We at Capital Sprout review and analyze entire portfolio for selecting which particular mutual fund scheme to be invested in. This analysis is carried out based on both financial fundamentals & technical perspective. Financial analysis involves evaluation of key ratios and other crucial factors which have significant affect on risk & return.

Offers a perfect combo of Mutual fund scheme for our investor clients after carefully studying & evaluating their investment objectives, risk appetite, time-horizon of investment, taxability and other factors.

Not taking periodical review on performance of your Mutual fund portfolio can weed out one from taking advantage of opportunities prevailing in existing capital market.

Investment advisory services

We provide Investment & financial advisory in the areas of Mutual funds, Equity stock market, Bonds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and other Debt instruments.

Refine existing investment portfolio by Restructuring and re-Balancing

We utilize our expertise and research based knowledge to construct customized financial plans that aims to achieve ultimate objective of Investment planning.


At Capital Sprout, our decision-making is guided by our following core values:

  • Interest of Investors first;
  • Impartial In-dept Research;
  • Pro-active measures;

We believe that important Investment & financial decision taken based on continuous research, persisting review & monitoring of various factors affecting such decisions, taking a pro-active steps can optimize yield of investment and also can mitigate inherent foreseeable risk of investment. We have a team of dedicated, experienced; expertise human resources quality above crucial tasks is conducted by our experienced & expertise team.

There are multidisciplinary factors which are reflection how professionally & thoroughly we approach towards services we provide:

Research Work

At Capital sprout, our expertise & experienced team conduct in-dept Research of Capital & Financial Markets, continuously monitor for crucial parameters and factors affecting the same and take pro-active steps to mitigate risk and maximize advantage in the best interest of our clients.

We use our extensive in-house research data framework & infrastructure built over the past to support our research process. Our proprietary analytical engine with intelligent strategy development and testing capabilities provides quantitative as well as qualitative support in selecting appropriate investment strategies.

Professional Approach

Procedure part plays a crucial role especially in investment related matters. We observe a professional approach in every procedural aspect which results in saving of valuable time & efforts of clients.

Use Of Information Technology

We use state of the art information technology (IT) infrastructure at back office for conducting research, evaluation, various MIS reports generated through robust software which can be used for effective analysis & decision making.

Review & Monitoring

Regular evaluation & monitoring of investments / portfolio has a crucial role to play in taking any current & future policy making decisions. It is an important tool to assess the quality, performance and effectiveness of your investments to see whether it is progressing at the projected pace and to evaluate the range of probable outcomes of your decisions. The objective of evaluation is to track and identify the gaps if any and to improve the implementation to achieve the investment objectives. Pro-active steps taken based on continuous evaluation and monitoring can maximize return and mitigate risk.

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